About Suncoast Oceanside Sports

Suncoast Oceanside Sports is a family owned and operated business located in Lakewood Ranch, Florida that was born out of the desire to bring individuals and families together. Our home is a paradise with all sorts of outdoor and water related leisure activities within a few miles in any direction. Whether it is exploring the waters in the State Parks, cruising the Manatee River, going on a majestic paddle through the Mangrove Tunnels, riding waves on Anna Maria Island, skimming the surf at the local beaches, or cruising the pathway systems that connect al the neighborhoods, we have built a product offering that caters to the explorer in us, and hopefully our customers as well.

We are a family of 7, who spend almost every weekend hour in the water, on the water, or near the water. Originally from the Chicagoland area, we know how blessed and spoiled we are to have the ability to go play all year around. We have 4 daughters and 1 son (the caboose), with a set of identical twin girls, Anna & Mia, in the mix. While all of our children have grown up on and around water, the twins are the driving force behind most of the fun we have on the water. Coming from the Midwest, we had a limited season to spend on the lakes, but that was enough to fall in love with Kayaking, Paddle boarding, Wake boarding, & Wake Surfing. We have vacationed on Marco Island for many years and it was there that we were introduced to skim boarding and surfing. However, it wasn't until we made Florida our permanent residence that all of these activities became a way of life. As parents, watching the kids grow up is wonderful (most of the time), but finding activities that the entire family can enjoy together is a real challenge. Water Sports was the answer for us! All of our kids forget about fighting or what their friends are doing when we are out playing on the water and cheer the other on as they learn new tricks or discover a cool place to explore, so we decided to build a business around this. We know the joy our family experiences and want to help others share the same joy.

So, a little more about how this business became a reality... Really, it was about availability, quality and price. We have overpaid for all of these products for convenience many times, and more often than not, the quality of the products was subpar. Yes, we are hard on just about everything we own, borrow, rent, etc... We have 5 kids, but we couldn't afford to spend the kind of money stores were demanding for higher end products. We are a beginner/intermediate group of individuals, although some of us think our skills are at another level, and we wanted to be able to have high quality products. We want to have fun, be safe, and have our toys stand the test of time. We know we are not alone in our experience and Suncoast Oceanside Sports is the answer you have been looking for.

Thank you for visiting our online store. I hope you will get excited as you look through our product lines and begin your adventure. All of our products begin with the highest quality materials, are crafted with meticulous workmanship, and undergo rigorous Quality Inspections. We spared no expense as we designed our products. We kept our offering simple and affordable. We will continue to build on our product line as you support us. Our mission is to focus on values and adding value to those whose lives we touch. We believe in always doing the right thing, especially when nobody is watching. We understand the importance of treating people with kindness and love. We are grateful for each of you and appreciate your business!